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Well folks Pete here just to let you all know we have been out filming with Tom Gruenwald Outdoors. Boy all I have to say is Tom and his camera man Sean where such a pleasure to fish and work with. The shows will be aired in late fall 2014 Tom Filmed 3 shows with Mike Howe of A Able Charters and Chancy Jeschke our local fishing pro and fishing manager at Snappy Sport Senter and Clay Anderson of A Able Charters. and Adam Nelson and Ross Ganz of Snappy Sport Senter. All these guys are top notch anglers. It will air on Sportsman Channel.

Well here is a little note on how Pete’s Tackle is preforming Steve Hill took first place at the Lake Marry Ronan. 1.50#Perch caught on a Lady Bug II.


Ross Ganz and I have have teamed up in the Perch Assault  and our first tournament we placed 4th and our last one we placed 5th witch right now puts us in 2nd place in the championship running but that could change in our last tournament on March 8th at Lake Marry Ronan it could help or hinder us.


Now pete’s Tackle has introduced three new ice jigs Sasse Stingers, Sasse Glow Fry and the Sasse Glow Sunny.These jigs have made fishermen very successful  




Now we come to summer I will be Introducing a 3″ Chancy Crappie Candy that will be great on Small Mouth. Large Mouth Bass and Walleye.

I will also be bringing out a new standup jig.

Thank you all for supporting Pete’s Tackle Shop!