Pete’s Tackle Shops Cure Mid Winter Ice Fishing and Cabin Fever

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Hi folks Pete here with a remedy for Cabin fever. We need to start with our friends the fish they run into Cabin Fever every year about this time and from the looks of our streets here in Kalispell Montana the locals have done the same.Well I’ve seen the cure there are a few locals breaking they’re chains there headed out ice fishing on local lakes these folks seem so jolly and joyous. Well I ask what is it that makes these folks so jolly and joyous? 1 they’re going out side 2 they’re on an adventure 3 they purchased Pete’s tackle from there local sport shop or order it ahead of time for your adventure.

Now folks these people are doing a favor for these fish that are having the cabin fever also. When these folks start drilling holes in the ice and dropping Pete’s Tackle ice jigs down there holes these fish start getting active again and are fighting one an other for that Pete’s Tackle ice jigs and a fat wax worm. Now this gets the big toothy fish also in a fighting frenzy. That is when our Ice fisher persons drop there tip-up in there ice holes with a Pete’s Tackle Quick Strike rig and a fresh bait. Now the rest is up to you Grab your rods your augers and load them up in your truck, car, Quad or snow cat and head out on the ice.

Now you see the cure and how it works Pete’s Tackle kills two birds with one stone wow! The Fish get active and so do you.

I hope to see you on the Ice taking in the cure

20131228_092631004659f441dfcec3a59d5325ede5fed9503_q0wu_71aoPete with a 1.5 lb Kokanee