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Hi folks Pete here from Pete’s Tackle shop. Well it has been a great ice season.

Lake Mary Ronan – Fishing very  good for perch word is you have to hunt the perch but when you find them it is great. I would start out with a Whip Tail Fire Tiger and or a Whip Tail Super Glow. Now if I found perch in shallow I would put on Lead Maggots either in Super Glow Green or Natural Super Glow or even Super Glow Red.

  Smith Lake-Doing awesome for Jack pike ( small pike) it is also turning out Jumbo Perch. I recommend to take just a few perch out and release those over 12″ this is so we can keep a breading population in this fishery. our Fwp. does not regulate the perch but does the pike with pike having a 20 fish limit. Now here are the jigs the folks are using out there with great success using  Sasse Glow Fry and Sasse Glow Sunnies in Super  Glow Orange Tiger, Perch, Super Glow Fire Tiger. or Whip Tails Green/Yellow ,Fire Tiger and Yellow/ Orange. Some folks have been using Quick strike Rigs for the pike.

Mc Wennegar Slough- Wow it is one of the best lakes this ice season it is producing tons of perch, crappie & Pike and a few nice sun fish. The folks are fishing crappie early in the AM. or 3:00 to around 7:00 PM. The perch are being caught all day and word is some are nice medium jumbos. Pike are running 3 to 10 # with some real hogs coming out to. There using Pete’s Tackle Quick strike rigs. Perch and Crappie there using Sasse Glow Fry in Perch, chartreuse green tiger and orange tiger there also using Lead Maggots in Super Glow Green , Super Glow Red and Super Glow Natural. Now I’m hoping to see you out there.

Rogers Lake- Now this lake usually ices up first and produces nice  Cutthroat & Gray ling but there are a few guys going out the and doing well there using No-Name jigs in purple & Black. There also using Lead Maggots in black and Super Glow Green.