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The first Flathead Valley ice fishing blog of the season. Well folks first ice is here now be safe on that new ice take a spud bar out and your safety pic and maybe even a life jacket. Now take that from a hypocrite I was so excited to fish first ice that i did none of the above Sorry for not being a better role model, But on my defense I went out and purchased a new Striker Hard Water Ice Suit Now it floats.

Now about ice fishing, catching was slow but the fishing was great. I went out with a few guys the best catches I saw was two guys had a dozen perch in a pile my partner got four Perch through the hole and lost a big toad at the top of the whole . Me I got a eleven inch Jumbo Perch and two small Northern Pike. I probably would have done better if I had my safety gear and the Misery factor with the weather would of been better snow , wind , cold ie.

It is Wednesday and we went out and caught some Nice Jumbo Perch and Northern Pike it was a lot better fishing today we caught 5 Jumbo Perch. and a bunch of small Northern Pike Ice fishing is off to a great start and if this keeps up I feel it will be a banner ice fishing year. For more info and up to date Ice fishing trips go to my face book page Pete’s Tackle Shop