Fishing report for NW Montana

In Fishing Report by Pete's Tackle Shop

Well folks fishing is picking up now. I have heard of some lake that are turning  on as the water warms and your spring spawning fish start to stage

  1. Flathead lake East bay has been great Perch fishing using a Mystic Tear with a 21/4″ Chancy’s Crappie Candy or a 1/32nd or 1/16th oz. No name. Flathead is also putting out lot of lake trout using a Stanley Thumper Pro Pack with a Mack Fly tied 12″ above your Stanley Thumper. As the river mud’s up  and we get a mud line on the delta the mac’s will key in on this and I fish a Quick Strike Rig in 6 to 10′ of water. I’ve caught  many pigs with this technique mind you I don’t use any weight just the bait and the Quick Strike Rig.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  2. Little Bitter Root lake there picking up Kokanee Salmon using Double Spin spinners and Koke-A-Dots spinners now  don’t forget the sleeper The Lake Mary Ronan trolling fly for those Kokanee Salmon. For you jiggers out there using Whip Tails jigs. Now the Small Mouth Bass fish here has been Great drop shotting and or using jigs with a creature bait and 21/2″ to 3″ tubes you can get all these plastics here at Pete’s Tackle Shop drop me an e-mail with colors type and size and I will make them up for $5.99 a 10 pack I do have some stuff on hand here at Pete’s Tackle Shop like Wacky Worm and the 3″ Chancy’s Crappie Candy plus 11/2″ Micro Craws. slider5
  3. Flathead Soughs have been producing nice pre spawn Perch and Crappie.We have been out using 21/4″ Chancy’s Crappie Candy and are producing good Numbers of Perch and Crappie now we have been drop shotting or pitching jigs in 10 to 15′ of water with great results.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
  4. Lake Mary Ronan opens for all species 3rd weekend in may get you Perch, Salmon & Bass gear hear at Pete’s Tackle Shop or at Snappy’s

Remember practice catch and release take only what you can eat.

Take a kid fishing.