Crappie and Bass & Walleye fishing

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Hi folks Pete here just got my new Hunting and fishing news and saw the new Pete’s Tackle Shop add on the fishing page. Well we have been out Crappie fishing on the Flathead river scoping out new bass and Crappie spots for pre spawn fishing it is coming up soon. Chancy’s Crappie Candy has been the hit for both Bass and Crappie. We have been drop-shotting and using slip bobbers or a 1/16th Mystic Tear with a 21/4in. Chancy’s Crappie Candy for Crappie. For the Bass we have been using either a 3in. or 21/4in. drop shotting or just by themselves Texas or Carolina rigged Small Mouth can’t resist the action nor can the Crappie and Perch.

I’ve been hearing that the Lake Trout have been smacking them with with  The Stanley Thumpers  in the Mac Days derby.


I’ve been sending out our premium Walleye Jigs and Chancy’s Crappie Candy to tournament Walleye guys from Canada to Fort Peck. The last picture is me and my partner with the walleye that brought us from 108th place to 8th place in the Canyon Ferry walleye Tournament in 2013 and the Picture above is the last one is Jim Muzynoski is aThe Six Time PWT Championship Qualifier.  The jig in the 10# 30″ Walleyes mouth is a 3/8th oz. Pink & White Premium Aspirin Jig.