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Awesome Year at Pete’s Tackle 2014

Well here we are in 2015 and last year was great Pete’s Tackle add our first Pro staff to Pete’s Tackle.

Pro Staff Baylee Sorensen: Baylee with her sweet perch Baylee is a very strong and competitive ice tournament angler she has many top ten finishes and one championship under her hat. Her team won the championship using Pete’s Tackle. Her favorite jigs are the Lady Bug II & Sasse Flier for Ice Fishing.


Pro Staff Codi Evenson: Codi fishes tournaments with her husband Chance, and she can fish. Codi’s fish of choice are Perch and Kokanee. Codi fishes three tournaments through the ice season, Perch Assault , Perch Pounder & Snappy’s LMR derby. Codi’s favorite Pete’s Tackle choice is the Pink/White Whip Tail Jig and the Lady Bug II.


Pro Staff Sara Jeschke: Sara’s goal for Pete’s Tackle is to get an all women’s ice tournament started. Sara and her husband and family are some of the best local anglers in the Flathead Valley. Sara’s favorite jigs are the Pink ones.Sara has also premiered in a Lake Lake Trout episode of Tom Gruenwald Outdoors TGO. Sara loves to jig for Perch, Pike, Bass, Lake Superior White fish & Kokanee Salmon. Sara is the mother of five awesome kids.


Teen Pro Staff Alex Pierson: Alex for his age, is one of the finest anglers out there. Alex competes with adults in summer Pike tournaments and participates in ice tournaments and derby’s in his local area. His team partner is his dad, and these two can fish! Alex’s favorite Pete’s tackle is the Crappie Candy and Pete’s Slab Slayer. Alex also does piece work for Pete’s tackle at home and is planning to be in the fishing industry in his future. Alex and his dad also build the finest custom ice rods.


Pro Staff Jim Hoover: Jim is a seasoned 75 year old angler who fishes tournaments whenever an opportunity arises. He puts on seminars at local tackle shops around Montana.  Jim is a great teacher and loves to share his advanced knowledge with whoever wants to learn. Jim’s favorite Pete’s Tackle is Sasse Flier and the new #8 Pete’s Slab Slayer. Jim is a retired Army veteran  and has worked in the fishing industry  making and selling his White Fish flies. Jim is also a  member of Perch Assault board of directors.


Pete’s Tackle Shop introduced three new products, Tail Dancer 1/4oz, Pete’s Slab Slayer in a #10 & #8 and the Willow Minnow. I have not put them in my store yet. You can find these jigs at Snappy’s and the Silo’s here in Montana.   feed back on our new products is awesome. By summer of 2015, they will be added to the line up of other fine Pete’s Tackle Jigs.

20141116_18192520141109_09550720141109_095522  Wow, 2014 has been an amazing year for Pete’s Tackle! I participated in the Perch Assault tournament with Ross Ganz and took two 4ths and a 6th overall. Pete’s Tackle was blessed to film with Tom Gruenwald TGO Outdoors and have Pete’s Tackle featured in his shows. Pete’s Tackle was also shown in the Fishing Facts Magazine winter edition (Whip Tail). Pete’s Tackles Crappie Candy was a hit this last summer.In 2015 we are adding new equipment to increase production of soft plastics. Pete’s Tackle is introducing Tungsten Jigs to our line up. This exciting new product will be in Snappy’s, our local fish shop, to finish out the 2014-2015 ice season. Pete lost his #1,  supporter on August 18 2014, mom Carolyn, and she will be greatly missed .

2014 happy customers!


Mike Howe of A Able Charters.


Brad Hiene with a nice trout caught with the Lead Maggot glow orange.


Steve Hill with a 1.5# Perch caught with a Lady Bug II.


Chancy Jesche with a sweet Crappie Caught on Crappie Candy and a Mystic Tear.


Pro Staff Codi with awesome Perch caught on her favorite jig Whip Tail pink/white.


Shane Pierson with a 12 3/4″ Perch caught on a red/yellow Pete’s Slab Slayer.


Chancy Jesche Posing with Tom Gruenwald of TGO Outdoors after our Kokanee shoot.


Ice Saftey with Pete’s Tackle Shop

Well folk we here at Pete’s Tackle Shop are so excited for this early, But we are always concerned for our customers safety. The reason for this Post was on Ice Shanty Montana, is that it looks like we lost some fishermen in Glacier Counties Mission lake. Ice safety 1, pics 2, through bag, spud bar and life vest. Last year we had a local walleye angler go through on late season ice on Four Horns lake in Glacier county. Folks lets be safe out there and not push our limits.

Pete’s Tackle Shop has brought out three new jigs for this ice season. The Willow Minnow & the Tail Dancer  & our newest one Pete’s Slab Slayer

20141109_095507 20141109_095522 20141116_181925These Jigs will soon be posted in my shop for you to order. We are working on Production so when you order they can be sent out the next week day. Coming Soon to my web store.

Pete’s Tackle Shop

Hi folks I’m glad to announce that we have purchased some new equipment to increase production on Pan fish, Bass, Walleye & Lake trout plastics. The reason for these upgrades is to bring QUALITY U.S tackle back to your tackle box.I don’t know about you, but I’m tired of import tackle that doesn’t perform well and is all that I can find at the local retailers. I’m proud of Snappy’s Sport Senter in Kalispell ,MT for supporting the locally made in the USA products like Pete’s Tackle Shop. Local manufacturers employ local people and the money stays right here in the Flathead Valley, so support these folks. If you can”t find locally made products in your favorite sporting goods store, ask the folks to please give them a try.

I would like to give a big thank you to all my retail stores like Snappy’s in Kalispell, MT Remember, if you want quality, ask your local retailer  to carry local and American- made products. Let all your fishing friends know about this local tackle and how well it works. See you on the water… Pete…

Here are some pictures of the tackle we manufacture here at Pete’s Tackle Shop.012Wacky worm008Chancy’s Crappie Candy 008Sasse Glow Fry004Sasse Stingers011Little Foots624Smile of Death008 (640x480) (2)Mean Bitch IIDouble spin fire tigerDouble Spins


Here are some pictures of satisfied customers of Pete’s Tackle Shop’s tackle

2014-05-169510.45.42485427_546328158751639_985491802_n1527796_10152015603270777_380171795_n1507124_758442470853571_2884074291276073631_n10452362_782754405089044_4846613899714237587_n20140529_162452Baylees sweat perch20140607_204544Here at Pete’s tackle Shop we offer tackle for all seasons and from trout to walleye to pike and pan fish this is because you as angles fish for your favorites and some times you need a change . Here at Pete’s tackle Shop we can meet your needs with awesome tackle that works!

Fathers day week Walleye Fishing Rock Creek

Well I just want to say fathers day week Walleye Fishing Rock Creek was awesome. I got to spend it with my Dad on beautiful Fort Peck Reservoir fishing out of  Rock Creek Marina. Fathers day was pretty windy so we stayed in the bay and worked it over pretty good on Walleye, Small Mouth & Pike it was a good day ill say. Day two was awesome sauce We boated a 9 1/2 #,7#,6# & a 4# Walleye and lots of eaters and some Pike for our Dinner. all in all 70 +# of fish in our first real day on the water If it was a tournament we would have cashed a check. We where using Pete’s Tackle Shop Smile of Deaths in new the new colors Purple & Blue . The Blue one caught our fish on the second day out and all the larger fish. We also Pulled New floaties with a smile blade to great success. We also re rigged the Walleye Lazers with a slow death hook and they also worked to great success. We didn’t jig this time around. why change what’s working great. OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



I would Like to say Thanks to Bill and his crew for all there hospitality at Rock Creek Marina.Now here are some Photos of the Tuesday storm 41/2 inches in 24 hours

20140617_18015220140617_17562320140617_16182720140617_172811Well while at Rock Creek a young man Mr. Kolby was up fishing with his Aunt Becky and Uncle Greg and boy this young man caught fish. This Pike picture was on a new Pike Lure where building and it didn’t have a name yet Kolby named it Pike Master.



Three days out Crappie fishing With Pete’s Tackle Shop

Pete’s Tackle Shop  Well Nathan Bartz stopped at the shop to and we both needed Crappie and Bass Psychotherapy Well we had a 2hr. session on a local lake. Here is what happens when you set the hook on a Mystic Tear coupled with Chancy’ Crappie Candy WOW what 2hr. session on the water with a bro and great tackle can do for your soul. For more info on the tackle we used go to then to the shop at Share this with all those who FISH!!!!!OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA
Pete’s Tackle Shop   Two days out Crappie fishing many slabs where caught and released.The fun part was meeting up on the first day with Face Book name FishinwithChancy Jeschke and his buddy Kirk Rasmussen They run the fishing department at Snappy’s Sport Senter Here in Kalispell Montana. Day one I took out Mike Howe of A Able Charters we had a hook sticking lips on some sweat slab Crappie. Day two on a whim I called my Dad and we smack 30 + Crappie in two hours and released them all we used Mystic Tear jig topped with Cancy’s Crappie Candy. You can find all equipment at my web store DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA



Crappie and Bass & Walleye fishing

Hi folks Pete here just got my new Hunting and fishing news and saw the new Pete’s Tackle Shop add on the fishing page. Well we have been out Crappie fishing on the Flathead river scoping out new bass and Crappie spots for pre spawn fishing it is coming up soon. Chancy’s Crappie Candy has been the hit for both Bass and Crappie. We have been drop-shotting and using slip bobbers or a 1/16th Mystic Tear with a 21/4in. Chancy’s Crappie Candy for Crappie. For the Bass we have been using either a 3in. or 21/4in. drop shotting or just by themselves Texas or Carolina rigged Small Mouth can’t resist the action nor can the Crappie and Perch.

I’ve been hearing that the Lake Trout have been smacking them with with  The Stanley Thumpers  in the Mac Days derby.


I’ve been sending out our premium Walleye Jigs and Chancy’s Crappie Candy to tournament Walleye guys from Canada to Fort Peck. The last picture is me and my partner with the walleye that brought us from 108th place to 8th place in the Canyon Ferry walleye Tournament in 2013 and the Picture above is the last one is Jim Muzynoski is aThe Six Time PWT Championship Qualifier.  The jig in the 10# 30″ Walleyes mouth is a 3/8th oz. Pink & White Premium Aspirin Jig.


How is Pete’s tackle

Well folks Pete here just to let you all know we have been out filming with Tom Gruenwald Outdoors. Boy all I have to say is Tom and his camera man Sean where such a pleasure to fish and work with. The shows will be aired in late fall 2014 Tom Filmed 3 shows with Mike Howe of A Able Charters and Chancy Jeschke our local fishing pro and fishing manager at Snappy Sport Senter and Clay Anderson of A Able Charters. and Adam Nelson and Ross Ganz of Snappy Sport Senter. All these guys are top notch anglers. It will air on Sportsman Channel.

Well here is a little note on how Pete’s Tackle is preforming Steve Hill took first place at the Lake Marry Ronan. 1.50#Perch caught on a Lady Bug II.


Ross Ganz and I have have teamed up in the Perch Assault  and our first tournament we placed 4th and our last one we placed 5th witch right now puts us in 2nd place in the championship running but that could change in our last tournament on March 8th at Lake Marry Ronan it could help or hinder us.


Now pete’s Tackle has introduced three new ice jigs Sasse Stingers, Sasse Glow Fry and the Sasse Glow Sunny.These jigs have made fishermen very successful  




Now we come to summer I will be Introducing a 3″ Chancy Crappie Candy that will be great on Small Mouth. Large Mouth Bass and Walleye.

I will also be bringing out a new standup jig.

Thank you all for supporting Pete’s Tackle Shop!





Pete’s Tackle Shops Cure Mid Winter Ice Fishing and Cabin Fever

Hi folks Pete here with a remedy for Cabin fever. We need to start with our friends the fish they run into Cabin Fever every year about this time and from the looks of our streets here in Kalispell Montana the locals have done the same.Well I’ve seen the cure there are a few locals breaking they’re chains there headed out ice fishing on local lakes these folks seem so jolly and joyous. Well I ask what is it that makes these folks so jolly and joyous? 1 they’re going out side 2 they’re on an adventure 3 they purchased Pete’s tackle from there local sport shop or order it ahead of time for your adventure.

Now folks these people are doing a favor for these fish that are having the cabin fever also. When these folks start drilling holes in the ice and dropping Pete’s Tackle ice jigs down there holes these fish start getting active again and are fighting one an other for that Pete’s Tackle ice jigs and a fat wax worm. Now this gets the big toothy fish also in a fighting frenzy. That is when our Ice fisher persons drop there tip-up in there ice holes with a Pete’s Tackle Quick Strike rig and a fresh bait. Now the rest is up to you Grab your rods your augers and load them up in your truck, car, Quad or snow cat and head out on the ice.

Now you see the cure and how it works Pete’s Tackle kills two birds with one stone wow! The Fish get active and so do you.

I hope to see you on the Ice taking in the cure

20131228_092631004659f441dfcec3a59d5325ede5fed9503_q0wu_71aoPete with a 1.5 lb Kokanee

Ice Fishing Blog

The first Flathead Valley ice fishing blog of the season. Well folks first ice is here now be safe on that new ice take a spud bar out and your safety pic and maybe even a life jacket. Now take that from a hypocrite I was so excited to fish first ice that i did none of the above Sorry for not being a better role model, But on my defense I went out and purchased a new Striker Hard Water Ice Suit Now it floats.

Now about ice fishing, catching was slow but the fishing was great. I went out with a few guys the best catches I saw was two guys had a dozen perch in a pile my partner got four Perch through the hole and lost a big toad at the top of the whole . Me I got a eleven inch Jumbo Perch and two small Northern Pike. I probably would have done better if I had my safety gear and the Misery factor with the weather would of been better snow , wind , cold ie.

It is Wednesday and we went out and caught some Nice Jumbo Perch and Northern Pike it was a lot better fishing today we caught 5 Jumbo Perch. and a bunch of small Northern Pike Ice fishing is off to a great start and if this keeps up I feel it will be a banner ice fishing year. For more info and up to date Ice fishing trips go to my face book page Pete’s Tackle Shop




Chancy’s Crappie Candy Fishing Pete’s Tackle Shop

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERACrappie fishing up here in north west Montana has been spectacular. We have been fishing a new product here at Pete’s Tackle shop. Pete and some of his customers have been fishing structure and weed beds for slab Crappie 10″ to 13 1/2″ our last two times out we boated and released 50+ using Chancy’s Crappie Candy which a 2/14″ plastic that comes in 10 fish catching colors. I have also got word that guys are drop shotting  Small Mouth Bass and nailing them. They say there out fishing Berkley Gulp and that is a plus for Petes Tackle Shop . Here are a few pics. of a few trips we’ve  taken in the last few weeks.

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAOLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA   OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERANow look at the smiles of satisfied fishermen also look in the mouths of the crappie there full of Cancy’s Crappie Candy. Now got to shop and check out Chancy’s Crappie Candy and our other fine products  Also visit us on face book at Pete’s tackle Shop.