Awesome Year at Pete’s Tackle 2014

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Well here we are in 2015 and last year was great Pete’s Tackle add our first Pro staff to Pete’s Tackle.

Pro Staff Baylee Sorensen: Baylee with her sweet perch Baylee is a very strong and competitive ice tournament angler she has many top ten finishes and one championship under her hat. Her team won the championship using Pete’s Tackle. Her favorite jigs are the Lady Bug II & Sasse Flier for Ice Fishing.


Pro Staff Codi Evenson: Codi fishes tournaments with her husband Chance, and she can fish. Codi’s fish of choice are Perch and Kokanee. Codi fishes three tournaments through the ice season, Perch Assault , Perch Pounder & Snappy’s LMR derby. Codi’s favorite Pete’s Tackle choice is the Pink/White Whip Tail Jig and the Lady Bug II.


Pro Staff Sara Jeschke: Sara’s goal for Pete’s Tackle is to get an all women’s ice tournament started. Sara and her husband and family are some of the best local anglers in the Flathead Valley. Sara’s favorite jigs are the Pink ones.Sara has also premiered in a Lake Lake Trout episode of Tom Gruenwald Outdoors TGO. Sara loves to jig for Perch, Pike, Bass, Lake Superior White fish & Kokanee Salmon. Sara is the mother of five awesome kids.


Teen Pro Staff Alex Pierson: Alex for his age, is one of the finest anglers out there. Alex competes with adults in summer Pike tournaments and participates in ice tournaments and derby’s in his local area. His team partner is his dad, and these two can fish! Alex’s favorite Pete’s tackle is the Crappie Candy and Pete’s Slab Slayer. Alex also does piece work for Pete’s tackle at home and is planning to be in the fishing industry in his future. Alex and his dad also build the finest custom ice rods.


Pro Staff Jim Hoover: Jim is a seasoned 75 year old angler who fishes tournaments whenever an opportunity arises. He puts on seminars at local tackle shops around Montana.  Jim is a great teacher and loves to share his advanced knowledge with whoever wants to learn. Jim’s favorite Pete’s Tackle is Sasse Flier and the new #8 Pete’s Slab Slayer. Jim is a retired Army veteran  and has worked in the fishing industry  making and selling his White Fish flies. Jim is also a  member of Perch Assault board of directors.


Pete’s Tackle Shop introduced three new products, Tail Dancer 1/4oz, Pete’s Slab Slayer in a #10 & #8 and the Willow Minnow. I have not put them in my store yet. You can find these jigs at Snappy’s and the Silo’s here in Montana.   feed back on our new products is awesome. By summer of 2015, they will be added to the line up of other fine Pete’s Tackle Jigs.

20141116_18192520141109_09550720141109_095522  Wow, 2014 has been an amazing year for Pete’s Tackle! I participated in the Perch Assault tournament with Ross Ganz and took two 4ths and a 6th overall. Pete’s Tackle was blessed to film with Tom Gruenwald TGO Outdoors and have Pete’s Tackle featured in his shows. Pete’s Tackle was also shown in the Fishing Facts Magazine winter edition (Whip Tail). Pete’s Tackles Crappie Candy was a hit this last summer.In 2015 we are adding new equipment to increase production of soft plastics. Pete’s Tackle is introducing Tungsten Jigs to our line up. This exciting new product will be in Snappy’s, our local fish shop, to finish out the 2014-2015 ice season. Pete lost his #1,  supporter on August 18 2014, mom Carolyn, and she will be greatly missed .

2014 happy customers!


Mike Howe of A Able Charters.


Brad Hiene with a nice trout caught with the Lead Maggot glow orange.


Steve Hill with a 1.5# Perch caught with a Lady Bug II.


Chancy Jesche with a sweet Crappie Caught on Crappie Candy and a Mystic Tear.


Pro Staff Codi with awesome Perch caught on her favorite jig Whip Tail pink/white.


Shane Pierson with a 12 3/4″ Perch caught on a red/yellow Pete’s Slab Slayer.


Chancy Jesche Posing with Tom Gruenwald of TGO Outdoors after our Kokanee shoot.