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Pete's Tackle is a small company that designs  tackle for fishermen and women. We have lures for all kinds of fresh water species and a wide variety of bait types. Visit our shop, and step up your fishing game with these great lures!

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    • Handcrafted

      These are not your standard lures. Each and every lure is molded, painted and tested by Pete and his crew. They are carefully designed for particular species and seasons.  We look forward to seeing your results. 

    • Quality

      If you want to catch the biggest fish in the lake, you need your lure to look like the real thing. That’s why we use high quality materials in all of our lures, and make sure every brush stroke and detail is just right. 

    • Personalized

      Pete has been building lures his entire life. He knows what works and what doesn’t. He learned this by listening to other anglers and developing the tools that they needed to catch the fish of their dreams.  

    WHATS NEW!?!


      The Swing Tail Chatter is a unique design from the original chatter baits. This design has a swing tail which no other chatter bait on the market has. It comes with an EWG hook that's rigged weedless so the side by side Swing Tail Chatter Bait will slide through the weeds. It comes in 2 sizes: 3/8 and 1/2 oz. with 7 colors! And the colors have a unique name for each one.
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